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Intelligent insights from your workplace data. Pinpoint how to increase company and team performance.


Where modern work happens

The digital workplace is where teams connect, communicate, and get work done regardless of where or when they work.

Your workplace tools like Slack, Google Workspace, Microsoft and Salesforce have become as valuable as the physical workplace.

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The unknown impact of your workplace tools

But workplace tools are used in siloes and have differing levels of adoption so pinpointing what’s really working is a huge challenge.

Workplace analytics enables you to dramatically improve connection, communications and alignment, it uncovers valuable utilisation insights on your digital workplace.

Workplace analytics and insights

Our multi-cloud workplace analytics approach connects data from your workplace tools into one centralised platform.

With continuous insights you can trust and act upon it helps you pinpoint how to increase company and team performance – to build a better digital workplace.

What meeting are taking place

Workplace analytics that power every team.

Eliminate 1000s of hours of data work

Empower users to deliver fast actionable insights

Access 90% more data to deliver higher ROI


Prove the value of your IT workplace tools.

Access unmatched utilisation and effectiveness insights across multiple workplace tools and deliver value across your business.


Boost sales productivity.

Temporall brings clarity to sales effectiveness and helps leaders answer, ‘Why and how do some sales teams perform better than others?’.

Change Management

Design for real change.

Harness your workplace data, our leading technology, and your most influential people and teams, to deliver more effective change.

HR & People

Build teams that thrive.

Understand how and when teams are working, capture the power of connection, and see the impact of your decision-making on your teams.

How does it work?

Temporall’s privacy-minded approach combines metadata from your workplace systems: collaboration, CRM and work management tools, to bring you a 360° view of your workplace.



Connect your business system data to the platform within minutes.


Apply access controls and data thresholds to protect employee privacy.


Filter your continuous workplace analytics to pinpoint opportunities for change.

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“I was blown away by the visibility Temporall gave our organisation into the adoption of our key collaboration platforms, the experience of our employees, and the guidance as to where best to invest our time and resources into improving the employee experience.”

Neil Riley CTO, Adaptavist

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