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Collaboration analytics for Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace and Workplace from Meta.

Real-time, AI-driven analytics for your collaboration tools – turning your data into actionable insights.


Harness your collaboration data for change

Companies have been sold on the benefits of collaboration and using workplace tools to improve teamwork, increase productivity and focus on the employee experience.

But realising the business impact and proving the true benefits of collaboration is difficult in a hyper-transient and remote-first world. That’s where Temporall comes in.

Drive productivity

80% of employee time is spent sharing information. Increase workforce efficiency and reduce the time and costs of knowledge sharing with advanced system metrics.

Improve teamwork

60% are more innovative and 73% do better work when they collaborate. Drive better cross-functional coordination, employee integration and alignment with Temporall.

Focus on employee experience

Companies that focus on employee wellbeing outperform the S&P 500 by 220%. Intentionally design onboarding, experience, wellbeing initiatives with our employee insight.

Powering Strategic People Teams

Workbench is a core component of our data strategy to deliver continuous high-value organisational insights.

Matt Barker, Chief People Officer, Astound Commerce

Our Platform

Workbench is our collaboration analytics platform.

Workbench has been built by our team of behavioural scientists and enterprise technologists. It continuously connects to and analyses data that already exists in your tools. Workbench provides AI-enriched collaboration insights and advanced people and system analytics for your rapidly evolving organisation.

It’s quick, easy and accessible to organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Powering strategic data insight
Workbench provides a dynamic view – a series of unique organizational snapshots in real-time – using both systems and people intelligence, and leveraging Machine Learning, data analytics, and advanced visualisation techniques.

Angela Salmeron, Future of Work Lead, IDC

A collaborative and connected company is a company of the future.
Whether you go self-service, work with our Insights Team or a Temporall Partner, Workbench helps organisations collaborate better both within and between teams – wherever they are based.

Why Temporall?

Temporall is transforming the way you use collaboration data.

65% of companies adopted new digital collaboration tools in 2020. Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace and Workplace from Facebook have become the digital HQ. But many do not know the value and true business impact of these workplace tools.

We master the intersection of behavioural science and intelligence technology in order to help companies harness their collaboration data and understand how their teams work together.

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