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65% of companies increased their workplace tool usage in 2020, but most are not making the most of their investment. Temporall is transforming the way you use data to make sense of work.

Our real-time Organisational Intelligence platform, Workbench helps you make more-informed decisions to drive faster, more effective outcomes.




Why Temporall?

We are the Organisational Intelligence pioneers.

Temporall masters the intersection of behavioural science and intelligence technology. We provide leaders with real-time situational awareness.

We believe that all leaders should be able to make more-informed and faster decisions using techniques that were previously only available to the world’s largest organisations.

Powering strategic data insight
Workbench provides a dynamic view – a series of unique organizational snapshots in real-time – using both systems and people intelligence, and leveraging Machine Learning, data analytics, and advanced visualisation techniques.

Angela Salmeron, Future of Work Lead, IDC

Why Workbench

Workbench is the Organisational Intelligence platform.

Workbench has been built by our team of behavioural scientists and enterprise technologists.

It continuously collects and analyses data that already exists in systems including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace from Facebook, and Google Workspace. Workbench provides AI-enriched insights and advanced people and system analytics for your rapidly evolving organisation.

It’s quick, easy and accessible to organisations of all shapes and sizes.

We solve for:

Don’t just analyse your data bring meaning to it

Workbench is a critical part of a company’s data strategy. As the world of work continues to shift in complexity and the pace of change races, Workbench brings clarity. It allows leaders to utilise the vast amount of organisational data being produced everyday and act upon real-time insights into the shifting patterns of work.

Whether you go self-service, work with our Insights Team or a Temporall Partner, our platform meets the needs of a number of roles across your functions and has multiple high-value use cases.

Powering Strategic People Teams

Workbench is a core component of our data strategy to deliver continuous high-value organisational insights.

Matt Barker, Chief People Officer, Astound Commerce


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Interested in our

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