Build your best teams. Everywhere.

Real-time analytics built for People and HR Leaders in the modern hybrid workplace, using data that already exists in your digital workplace tools.

Get a real-time 360° view of your workplace.

Make better, data-driven decisions for your people and teams.

Understand how and when people are working.

Highlight effective onboarding practices, see how people exchange information and collaborate.

Integrate your new hires more effectively.

how long to people spend in meetings
Retain your talent and optimise.

Spot silos and highlight opportunities for team improvements.

Understand the feeling of your company and see early warning signs of attrition.

Shorten ramp time. Be more productive.

Use insights generated from your workplace tools to drive value across business units. Show leaders the impact of your tooling on team connection, information flow and when work happens.
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Why do People and HR Leaders choose Workbench?


Save analysts a day every week with automated insights and expert-led reports.


Real-time analytics that deliver insight up to 10X faster than manual interpretation.


AI platform built on 1000s of hours of development-and decades of expertise.

Real-time workplace analytics for the hybrid era.