Your workplace analytics platform
for the hybrid era.

Connect and access data from your workplace tools, work management systems and employees, to get a multidimensional view of your hybrid workplace.

Make better, data-driven decisions.


Break down collaboration and innovation siloes


Spend more time on the things that matter


Keep your talent and build a sustainable hybrid future

Advanced Workplace Metrics

Understand when and how work happens across your company, and how your workplace tools are used.

Study 100s of metrics including message activity hours, adoption rate, manager response time, demographic usage, and much more.

Visualise where you are in real-time, highlight areas that need to change and track the impact of your decisions over time.

How engaged are we with our external stakeholders
Identify trends in work patterns to help optimise the employee experience
Organisational Network Analysis

Build real-time visualisations of connectivity and information flow.

Map how different parts of your company work together and the impact of connection. Highlight opportunities, collaboration silos and potential barriers to productivity, to pinpoint where best to invest your time and resources.

Sales have strong connections to other department

Filter by Department of any other key demographic needed

Topic Trends

Measure trending topics and their sentiment to get an unbiased and accurate understanding of your employees’ feelings over time.

Make data-driven decisions that positively impact your employees, based on our insights into the everyday interactions across your workplace tools.

Understand the frequency and sentiment of key organisational topics

Track how key topics trends over time

A new Accessibility initiative has been announced but has been received neutrally

Measure and assess the strength of key organisational attributes with surveys

Something has caused a drop in technology sentiment

Compound People Intelligence

Connect real-time data from your digital workplace tools with continuous feedback from your employees.

Understand where you are now, where you need to enact change and the impact of your decisions with a multidimensional view across the company, wherever your people are based and whenever they work.

Workbench protects your data, privacy and ensures integrity.


Easily define overall organization settings, user roles and the associated admin rights.


Data is gathered from chosen systems, aggregated, encrypted, and read by machines only.


Identifiable data e.g. Name can be removed using anonymisation settings.


You can get going with Workbench in minutes, both the activation and integration process is straightforward. We have a Knowledge Centre to help you from beginning to end. It can take less than 20 minutes.
Workbench is easy to use, many customers have data/business analysts who do a majority of the work. We have a Knowledge Centre and dedicated Customer Success Managers who are ready to support you.
Of course! You decide which workplace tool/s get connected to Workbench. Workbench currently integrates with Slack, Workplace from Facebook and Microsoft Teams - with Google Workspace coming soon!

We care deeply about data privacy and security and strive to keep our security practices industry-leading.

Learn more about data security on our website, or contact us directly with any questions.

Choose a data-driven future.