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Gather critical, real-time insights into the usage, levels of engagement, working patterns and the true impact of Workplace from Meta with our continuous intelligence product, or give a voice to your employees with our pulse surveys.


Workplace from Meta connects everyone in your company, even when they’re working remotely. It’s where your company lives. But the analytics for Workplace from Meta don’t tell you much about it’s true impact.

Temporall is changing the way you can use data from Workplace from Meta to understand your organisation, levels of connection, and make more-informed decisions.





Get plugged-in within minutes. Start making the most of Workplace from Meta and get to know your organisation better from day one.

There is no change to the employee experience and you decide what data is synched to the platform, who manages it and who can surface insights.

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The communications team should be more central in the company’s communication flow

Some colleagues are yet to utilise Workplace fully and are not being reached with company communications


Use real-time Organisational Network Analysis (ONA), topic trends and sentiment analysis, along with our intelligent dashboards to understand your organisation’s working patterns, levels of engagement, usage, and the true impact of Workplace from Meta.

Contextualise your continuous collaboration analytics with pulse survey data and authentic employee feedback. Benefit from advanced analytics and gather unique insights unavailable anywhere else.

Make more-informed, data-driven decisions

Make rapid, data-driven decisions using the best Workplace from Meta analytics product on the market.

Overcome the challenges of using just point-in-time surveys, bias and instinct-led leadership – so you can make faster, smarter decisions to get ahead and stay ahead.

Whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or the insights for your business reviews, harness the analytics that help you make a difference.

Colleagues are most active in Workplace early and late in the week, this can inform our communication planning

Your Managers could increase the communications they receive and diffuse more effectively

Data driven decision makers
As business moves faster and becomes more digitised. I believe that the intelligence Temporall provides is important in changing the way organisations are run. This pandemic crisis has now had a profound impact in accelerating this need.

Professor Julian Birkinshaw, The London Business School

Workplace from Meta Analytics brings you clarity, across every industry and function.

Whether you’re a Teams Administrator, a Data or Business Analyst, or a business leader, we can help you deliver better analytics, faster.

Turn your collaboration, communication and behavioural data into actionable insights to optimise your Workplace from Meta and build a more connected future of work.

  • Identify organisational champions to support change programmes, knowledge brokers and potential bottlenecks

  • Measure and improve team integration following Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

  • Study working patterns of your teams, wherever they are working
  • Understand the impact of change on your people and filter across demographic and geographies, for example hybrid work design

  • Identify well-being and attrition risk by measuring Workplace activity, when teams are working, highlighting over-dependance on employees/teams and organisational silos

  • Understand the connectedness of frontline workers and engagement of remote teams
  • Evaluate the diffusion and impact of internal communication across your people and by demographics

  • Identify Workplace champions and knowledge brokers to support communication initiatives, and highlight potential bottlenecks or risks

  • Gather real-time feedback from Workplace to drive more efficient content planning and high engagement from workers
  • Gain insight into adoption and utilisation of Workplace, and the effectiveness of license usage including depth of workflows, integrations and external Groups

  • Prove the business impact of Workplace, for example when looking to understand the value of changing licences

  • Compare usage and working patterns across different workplace tools including Microsoft Teams - discover what drives your collaboration, information flow and great culture
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