Faster, better insights for Workplace from Facebook

Real-time analytics and reporting into Workplace from Facebook for rapid, data-driven decision making. Get ahead and stay ahead, with Workplace Intelligence.
Harnesses the data that Workplace generates to identify trends, patterns and insights into your organisation
Surface your work collaboration patterns
Generate insights into where and how high-impact work gets done.
Communicate with your teams more effectively
Measure the effects of your messaging and internal communications.
Build a culture of connection
Assess the impact of your decision-making on your company and culture.

Enhance your tools

Make the most of your existing workplace tooling investment. Gather world-leading analytics and make rapid decisions.

Connect and go

No set-up headaches. Connecting your Workplace from Facebook to Workbench takes minutes, so you can start understanding your organisation from day 1.

Employee experience

Connecting Workplace from Facebook to Workbench does not change your employee experience. We only utilise data that is collected by Slack.

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You’re in Control

You decide what data is synched to our platform, who manages it and who can surface insights with our inbuilt advanced privacy controls.

Organisational Network Analysis (ONA)

Visual technique to understand how teams interact across a company: collaboration, communication, and information flow, Workbench delivers this in real-time.

Advanced Access & Privacy Controls

User Management and Access Management controls: you decide what data is synched to our platform, who accesses and manages it, and who can surface insights.

Workplace from Facebook Analytics Dashboards

Dashboards that display over 50 out of the box insights including advanced filtering on groups, topic analysis, and sentiment analysis all within one unified platform.

Activity Hours

Time-based technique that shows activity on Workplace from Facebook as it peaks and troughs over time. Essential for understanding burnout risk or poor resource distribution.

Workplace tools / Powerful Integrations

Understand the patterns of how and where work gets done across teams and departments, and get more value from your existing workplace tools.

Employee Surveys

Ability to ask native questions to your organisation in Workplace from Facebook , giving a voice to your employees and enhancing insights into your employee experience over time.

Getting started is easy

Start connecting your data.